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Preparing Your Home for Photographs

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Selling real estate has gone through major changes in the last few years. It was once simply enough to have your home in good repair and cleaned up to prepare it to show. However, these days, potential sellers go online to preview homes for sales.

Now more than ever, online photos of a property are an essential part of selling a home. Many estate agents display photos of properties for sale on their own websites. These same listings are also often picked up by major real estate websites.

Each of these websites provides homebuyers a way to view homes before they ever see the properties in person! You can see why it’s essential to have amazing photos of the property when selling your home.

Hiring a Professional Photographer

One of the first steps to getting your home ready to photograph is hiring a professional photographer. Estate agents may take care of this for you. So, you don’t have to worry too much about this part.

However, your home does need to be prepared before the photographer arrives.

Benefits of Preparing Your Home for Photographs

The process of preparing your home for photos is similar to “staging” your home for viewings. The goal is to ensure potential homebuyers see the property in the best way. Remember that a buyer’s first impression is the most important.

There are some benefits to preparing your home for photographs:

1). You’re ready for in-person showings

2). Focus on the potential of the house and not you, as the present owner

3). Buyers know when a house meets their needs—it’s easier to see this without clutter and personal objects all around

4). Put the focus on key spaces (put more focus on the best parts of your home)

5). Preparing for photos/staging a home can lower the time the property is on the market

What’s more, you can use this time as a way to begin packing for your move. You won’t have to hurry as much if some of your things are already packed and ready to go!

In the following sections of this article, we’ll take a look at the different ways to prepare each area of your home for real estate photos!

The Entryway

The entryway is usually the very first part of your home a buyer will see. In some homes, the entryway may be a hallway or a mudroom. No matter what type of entryway you have, make sure this space is clean.

First, put away all items that don’t need to be out. Then depersonalise the space and ensure everything is in order. Next, remember to clean the front door. This is often a neglected part of the home, but it’s also the first thing potential homebuyers will see. So, clean the outside and the inside of the front door.

Living Room & Dining Area

Here, it’s necessary to remove all personal items and photos. If you have bookshelves, ensure the books are all straight and clean.

Next, remove all knickknacks. This is a great time to start packing! Pack all pictures, personal items, and knickknacks; then, you won’t have to do it later.

If you have a dining area or a separate dining room, then carry out the same process. Declutter and pack everything to create a “blank canvas” for potential homebuyers. You might even consider setting the table as if for a simple dinner. Don’t use any elaborate place settings or table decorations. Keep it simple.

Finally, in the living room and dining area, be sure to remove all excess accessories and furniture. When you’re done, then give both living spaces a deep cleaning.


These may seem obvious, but we’ll include them in the list of photo preparations anyway! First, be sure all dirty dishes have been put away. Ensure there’s no food standing out on the counters.

Next, clear the counters of all clutter. This means only having out some small appliances such as a toaster and possibly a microwave. When it comes to the fridge, this is the time to take down pictures your kids have drawn, magnets, and more. The refrigerator should be completely cleaned off.

It’s essential to make sure all open shelves are decluttered and organised. The shelves should not look messy at all.

Be sure to store all draining racks, hide soap, towels, cleaning products, and more.

Now, you’re ready to give the kitchen a deep cleaning to ensure it’s perfect for the photos. Remember to also take down any cob webs, then sweep and mop the kitchen floor. And kitchen rugs also need to be cleaned or removed.


Bathrooms can sometimes make or break a sale. Nothing is worse than seeing a disgustingly dirty bathroom when you’re out shopping for a home! So, go through the bathroom and hide the laundry bin and spare toilet rolls.

If you have toiletries out, make sure they are only the best ones. These would be bottles and jars that are pretty, for instance. Everything else should be put away.

Next, ensure the toilet seat is down and that towels are clean and attractively placed. Then make sure everything is sparkling clean.


Bedrooms are notorious for being filled with clutter. This may include clothes lying on furniture, bedside tables filled with medications, books, and more. The goal here is the same as in other areas of the house. First, declutter and depersonalise the space, then clean it thoroughly.

Ensure all tables and other surfaces are clear and clean. Put clothes away properly. No one wants to see a messy closet or things stuffed under the bed.

For kids’ bedrooms, it’s important to put away the toys (as much as possible) and make the space look neat and attractive.

Finally, make the bed and use plain or white bedding, pillows, and more.

Throughout the House

To help rooms look more attractive, be sure to open all blinds and curtains. Natural light can provide the best lighting for many rooms. You may also want to turn on lights in spaces that are not as light-filled.

Another thing that many homeowners forget is to wash the windows. Your home should sparkle inside and out, so be sure all the windows are clean.

Next, all surfaces should be wiped down and polished.

Finally, it’s essential to vacuum and/or mop all floors.

Outside the Home

Don’t forget the photographer will also be taking pictures of the outside of your home, too. This means the front yard and the garden need to be in good order.

It’s important to remove all clutter and debris from the outside of your home. Shrubs and trees should be trimmed, and the garden weeded. The grass should also be freshly mowed.

If possible, it can add curb appeal if you add colour outside the home. This can be done by handing baskets and planters of flowers placed around the home. You can even use these to help set off special features of your home and make it more attractive.

Summing It Up

While all of this may seem like a lot of work, remember the goal is to make your home as attractive as possible to potential buyers. This is also a great time to start packing, so you’ll have less to do later!

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